July 6, 2005
Erik P. Ammidown, Director Health and Disability Benefits
1801 California Street, Suite 900
Denver, CO  80202
Tele:  303-992-6154
Fax:   303-992-3379
erik.ammidown@qwest.com (Erik Ammidown)
Re:     Qwest Health Care Plan
            Medicare Drug Prescription Act and Pre-1991 Retirees
Your office sent a letter dated July 1, 2005, to Qwest Retirees.  A copy of the letter with your signature is attached hereto.  Your letter was sent to retirees to inform them that Qwest has not yet made a decision on how the Medicare RX benefits will be integrated with the existing benefit plans, but a decision will be made before the open enrollment period.  While there are no details stated in your letter, it is causing many to 'read into it."  Needless to state,  AUSWR group leaders, including Hazel Floyd and Mimi Hull, are receiving numerous telephone calls and emails concerning the same.  
Of course, many Pre-1991 Retirees are receiving the letter and they want some assurances that nothing is going to change in derogation of the lifetime guarantee and commitment set forth in the Qwest Health Care Plan.  What they wish to hear is that Qwest, in no way, intends to implement changes that fail to meet the "minimum requirements of Guaranteed Coverage, -- the "same schedules of medical and dental expense coverage (i.e., percentages and stated dollar amounts of reimbursements, covered services and treatments, deductibles, and other terms under which the amount of reimbursements paid by the Plan with respect to Participants, their spouses and dependents are calculated) as are set forth in the respective 1996 Plan." (Quote from the Qwest Health Care Plan.)
It would be most helpful if your office would send out a follow-up letter targeted to Pre-1991 Retirees reiterating the company's commitment and stating that regardless of whatever Medicare Prescription Drug Act program is adopted by Qwest, the Pre-1991 Retirees who prefer the "Guaranteed Coverage" are not going to be required to elect any alternative program.  Can you do that?  Certainly, it will help your office avoid many unnecessary telephone calls.
Therefore, on behalf of Hazel Floyd and numerous other Pre-1991 Retirees, we respectfully request a response with the assurances requested herein.  Thank you.
Curtis L. Kennedy
8405 E. Princeton Ave.
Denver, CO  80237-1741
Tele: 303-770-0440
Fax: 303-843-0360

Attachment:    (Erik Ammidown letter of July 1, 2005 sent to Qwest Retirees - 1 page)
c:    AUSWR Board and general membership

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