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CenturyLink expands IPTV in Florida

New launch builds on nascent Prism TV offering as telco continues to consider TV plans for Qwest region


Connected Planet

By Dan O’Shea

May 16, 2011

Large independent telco CenturyLink is already following through on a recently stated commitment to expand IPTV in its legacy local service markets, announcing that its Prism TV service is launching in the Tallahassee area and Northern Florida.

The IPTV service earlier had been available in the Orlando, Fla., area as part of an initial soft-launch strategy the telco began last year in a handful of markets around the country. It also comes not long after a February rollout in Nevada. CenturyLink president and CEO Glenn Post said earlier this month during an earnings call that the company would continue to logically expand the Prism TV offering around existing market bases rather than make large-scale expansion commitments.

Post also said that CenturyLink was not ready to decide about launching IPTV in its newly-acquired former Qwest Communications markets, but hopes to make that decision by md-year. The Florida IPTV offering involves some markets CenturyLink acquired as part of its Embarq deal.

So far, CenturyLink’s IPTV strategy appears to revolve around launching in markets where cable competition is especially contentious, though the company’s progress has been gradual. After it launched an IPTV trial in Wisconsin a couple years ago, the telco took its time deciding about launching IPTV in its Embarq markets.

The CenturyLink PrismTV service includes access to more than 240 all-digital channels, Pay Per View and video on demand, as well as special features like whole home DVR, remote DVR programming, on-screen caller ID, personal media sharing and more. The company also is planning to offer new features such as mosaic viewing and on-screen Web widgets.

Service packages start at a promotion-based fee of $35.99 monthly for more than 120 digital channels when combined with qualifying services. Bundles can be had for under $90 per month, the telco said.