Cox tops CenturyLink in residential telephone survey


By Patrick O'Grady
The Phoenix Business Journal

October 7,2011

Atlanta-based Cox, which is the largest cable provider in the state, scored 669 points out of 1,000 to secure the top honor. Monroe, La.-based CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) had a score of 639.

Both carriers proved better than average in the survey, which also rated Qwest Communications International fourth with 633 points. CenturyLink finished purchasing Qwest in a $22 billion deal this summer. .

The survey looked at residential service for local and long-distance calling. Overall, the numbers were down nationally, in what J.D. Power officials said were the result of increased weather-related outages. The survey also found that the number of people who had replaced a wired line with a wireless product was unchanged in 2011, but the number of people using online services such as Skype or Vonage has increased this year. Cox was rated among the best on nearly every ranking category except cost, but it was still listed as better than most. CenturyLink was ranked as better than Cox in terms of cost, but not as good at billing, promotions, performance and customer service. Tech .

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